ATRC Association

About us

Started in July 2017 in Charlotte,NC inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Allam MarReddy.

There are quite a few of us Telugu Reddy Catholics living in USA for some time, going all the way back to 1982. All of us are blessed in many ways to be able to leave our homeland and come all the way across the globe to this great nation, some for higher studies and some for better employment opportunities. Although we live very comfortable lives in the US, we also remember and recognize our roots in India, where we were born, raised, and studied.

This dire need for us to take on a challenge to start an Association is that ‘To gather all Telugu Reddy Catholic families living across USA and Canada to show that we as a family support each other and know one another.

The members of ATRCA will appreciate the support and love that you give US and it also gives you a chance to spend quality time together and get to know each other.

Formation of the ‘American Telugu Reddy Catholic (ATRC) Association’ was the result of our attempt to bring together all Telugu Reddy Catholic Families under one umbrella so that we can support each other.

Our Association

ATRCA Area/Regional Map

ATRC Association also provides a platform for all Telugu Reddy Catholics living all across the USA as ATRC Network Associates to come together as a unified organization, ATRC Association. The nationwide ATRC Association is organized as different regions or areas based on the communities local to major cities which may be updated as needed in the future.

Each ATRC region or area Association includes local leaders who will be a contact point for all local ATRC associates and will be responsible for the local events and activities.

  • ATRCA North East Area
  • ATRCA South East Area
  • ATRCA MidWest Area
  • ATRCA SouthWest Area
  • ATRCA WestCoast Area

Who We are

As the name of the Association ATRC implies, we are the Telugu speaking Reddy Catholics living all across the USA. Our professions range from IT, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Business, to Entrepreneurship.

How We Work

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit Association ATRCA is funded solely by the Reddy Catholic individuals. We have organized many local chapters in all regions of USA and we approach our brothers and sisters, to bring together all Telugu Reddy Catholic Families under one umbrella and supporting us within their means.

Articles of Incorporation

Ours is an official non-profit organization registered in State of Florida and the official Articles of Incorporation can be viewed on the Florida State website here: ATRC Association certified by the Department of the Secretary of State of North Carolina.